Brown pool water from fillingw ith well water

Stains on the pool surfaces, pool equipment
or on the swimmers, or off-color swimming pool
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Brown pool water from fillingw ith well water

Postby EricaLee39 » Mon 21 Apr, 2008 06:18

We have a well and as our pool filled it was yellow I shocked it and now it is a iced tea brown. It is almost ot the level that we can start running the filter but is there something i need to get to get the water clear. We don't have a water softner so I imagine it is my well water. I know this cause I have to use heavy chemicals to clean my toilets and showers. We have a 4ft deep 15ft round Intex metal walled above ground.


Not really brown...

Postby EricaLee39 » Mon 21 Apr, 2008 07:14

I looked at the pool again and it is looking like it is green not brown. Clorine tested high Ph is ideal, HELP!
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Postby Eric » Mon 21 Apr, 2008 10:31

Sounds like you have iron and maybe copper in your well water. Well water in may parts of the country are high in iron. I suggest getting a pool store to do a test for iron and copper. If the levels are high, you will need to use a sequestrant to bind the metals and keep them from causing problems.

If the walls of the pool are stained, use the procedure outlined in www(dot)troublefreepoo(dot).com/viewtopic.php?t=2298 to remove the stains.

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