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no chlorine

Postby new owner » Fri 28 Apr, 2006 19:37

I have had problems with my pool not registering any chlorine, I have had my water tested (leslie's pool supply) every 3 days for 3 weeks, they tell me everything else looks fine but no chlorine, I have shocked my pool 4xs over the past 3 weeks put over 16lbs of shock, and still no chlorine registering. I have a chlorinator and the tabs are disolving about every 5 days. Please give some help its driving me crazy and dont know what to do!!!!


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Postby Guest » Sat 29 Apr, 2006 00:39

what did you use to shock it? Was it a non chlorine shock like Fresh N Clear or a superchlorinator? I think you need the superchlorinator like Power Powder Plus,( from Leslies's) is your water cloudy? Mine was and they told me I didn't have enough chlorine in it, try the superchlorinator and report back and we can go from there!

No chlorine

Postby stu » Mon 01 May, 2006 02:18

There is something in the pool water which is increasing the chlorine demand. Could be ammonia from leaf decay or high levels of organics. Shock daily until you get a chlorine reading. Unfortunately there is no other solution (apart from draining and refilling).
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no chlorine

Postby new owner » Mon 08 May, 2006 22:06

thanks for the help i have shocked the pool several times since last post, i would like to thank you for your info and i also put a frogger on my pool to help keep balance of my pool, it seems to be working
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I'm new here
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No Chlorine

Postby jhs1983 » Thu 18 May, 2006 10:39

I too am having problems with my chlorine levels. My water is crystal clear, all chemical levels are at ideal levels, with the exception of the chlorine. I have NO chlorine. This is my 6th year with my pool, and this problem started last year. The water looks algae problems, I just don't get a chlorine reading, nor does any chlorine show up when tested professionally. I have shocked, and shocked, and shocked...(in-ground, 25,000 gallons). Any suggestions other than shocking it?

No Chlorine

Postby John » Tue 23 May, 2006 07:03

This may sound crazy but... Sometimes there is so much chlorine disolved that it can actually bleach the reagent drops. Therefore, you get a "clear" or "no chlorine" level in your test. There is a way to lower chlorine, they do this sometimes in commercial pools. I will research this and come back to give you the information. Bets of luck! John

No Chlorine

Postby John » Tue 23 May, 2006 07:05

This may sound crazy but... Sometimes there is so much chlorine disolved that it can actually bleach the reagent drops. Therefore, you get a "clear" or "no chlorine" level in your test. There is a way to lower chlorine, they do this sometimes in commercial pools. I will research this and come back to give you the information. Bets of luck! John

Crystal Clear Pool but No Chlorine

Postby cheeky » Fri 02 Jun, 2006 23:24

Hi. I'm having similar problems with my pool this season. Opening was fine with chlorine levels good... then a few weeks later, crystal clear but no chlorine readings even after shocking. I found this info on another site... at least there is a way of determining whether or not there IS chlorine in the water:


Chlorine has a bleaching effect, and high levels create a very strong bleach which can destroy any colours produced by test kit reagents.

The initial symptoms may be that the Chlorine level appears to be falling rapidly, or that the addition of Chlorine does not cause an increased level to be indicated by the test kit.

To check for high levels of Chlorine, it is necessary to accurately dilute a pool water sample with NON-Chlorinated water. Distilled or De-ionised water is ideal, but in practise, bottled water, or even boiled water will give a reasonable indication.

Most commercial test kits will provide the means for accurately diluting a sample of water. Otherwise use a clean jug and carefully add ONE measure of pool water and FOUR measures of non-chlorinated water. Mix thoroughly, and then take a sample from this solution in the usual way, and test for Chlorine. Multiply the result seen, by FIVE.

It is always a good idea to confirm your test, so create a fresh sample again, but this time using ONE measure of pool water to NINE measures of non-chlorinated water. Now multiply the result by TEN. This answer should give a similar result to the first test. If not, increase the Dilution of the sample until consistant results are obtained. Dilution rates of 25 to 1 are not uncommon when pools have been heavily over chlorinated!


I'm going to try it this weekend.... I'll keep you posted.

Postby John » Sun 04 Jun, 2006 10:13

Sorry I took so long to get back; I have had some trouble getting on to this site.

Sodium sulphite will lower the chlorine level. Use half the recommended dose and check your level, half again and check, etc. Good luck!

no chlorine in pool

Postby sali » Thu 08 Jun, 2006 22:05

i shocked my pool no chlorine, more shock, 5 lbs by now still no chlorine my husband had put an entire bottle 32 ounces of iron and manganese remover in (no idea why) could this be affecting readings? what should I do?

Postby mjcox » Mon 14 May, 2007 16:19

Just curious if any of the people on this thread with the no chlorine in the pool had their problem fixed. If so, what fixed it? I have been running my chlorinator 24/7 and although it says it is generating I am showing zero free chlorine and zero total chlorine. The pool is crystal clear so I cannot figure it out. Someone please help.

swg, but no chlorine

Postby desoto » Fri 25 May, 2007 13:42

I just resolved the same problem with my pool. As a stop-gap measure, I added a gallon of liquid chlorine to my pool. I tested the water with test strips to measure the CYA, and had the water tested at the local pool store . Both measurements showed low CYA. Added the required stabilizer, and a week later, my pool is fine, and the generator is producing again.
If you have a chlorine generator (also known as chlorinator or SWG), and are registering no chlorine, test your pool water for cyanuric acid (CYA). Have the water checked at the pool store, too. If CYA is below (or above) that recommended by the manufacturer of your chlorinator (mine is 60 to 80 ppm), the generator will not produce any chlorine.
Read your owner's manual troubleshooting section for the chlorinator.
If you need to add CYA (also known as conditioner or stabilizer), add it, but remember that it takes a few days for the new CYA to register on a test. Don't add it unless required, because too much will require partial draining of your the pool.
Also, test your salt level. Too little salt (or too much) has the same effect on your chlorinator.
It's important to check your generator for a buildup of mineral deposits that prevent the water from contacting the plates, which prevents the production of chlorine. Cleaning the plates might be in order.
Lastly, have your chlorinator tested at the local pool supply store if none of the above apply.

no clorine

Postby geo » Thu 07 Jun, 2007 20:56

my neighbor had this problem last year anr the local pool store found high levels of nitrogen in the pool, sounds weird the test takes 24 hours to run the only way I see nitrogen going in the pool is from lawn fertilizer. The guy at the local pool place said the nitro level was so high he had to lower the level by half and had to refill the pool now I am having the same problem with no clorine reading so mine is going to be tested tomorrow
Frustrated in Portland


Postby Frustrated in Portland » Fri 08 Jun, 2007 13:03

We were told by our pool maintainance company that we have a chlorine lock and the pool tested high ammonia (3 times normal). Long story short: This is the 4th time between last year and this summer that we've had to drain the pool down and refill and I'm sick of it. We don't know what the source of the ammonia is - don't fertilize, no huge crowds of people, pool is 12 years old and never had a problem until last summer.
Oh, by the way, the drain/refill last week only took the level down to 2 so we may have to do it again. Very expensive and in the meantime, nobody is swimming! Anyone have any experience in this?
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Re: Ammonia

Postby Backglass » Fri 08 Jun, 2007 13:31

Frustrated in Portland wrote:Anyone have any experience in this?
Chlorine lock is caused by high levels of CYA (stabilizer). After you get the levels down, switch to liquid chlorine. If you go right back to pucks and dry shock, you will eventually be back in the same (locked) boat again.

The ammonia is coming from <DRUMROLL> Your kids! Perspiration and Urine are mostly ammonia but because of the chlorine lock, they couldn't be removed and thus built up.

Chlorine (when free & available) oxidizes Ammonia and Nitrogen. Fix the chlorine and you fix the ammonia.

For those of you with -zero- chlorine, your CYA might be too low...or even zero. On a sunny day the sun can remove all of the chlorine from your pool in one of two hours without some CYA. It's a double edged sword. You need some...but not too much!

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