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no chlorine

Postby markcobra » Tue 29 May, 2012 15:47

Hello, pool owner for 3 years never had any problems. 30,000 gallon concrete pool with D.E Filter. is almost 20 years old. All chemicals are at ideal level except no chlorine readings. Pool water is crystal clear and no one has been in yet this season. I've been adding 4lbs of shock dichlor and maintaining chlorine tabs in skimmer. Pool water does get green when I shock (metal).

Pool stores say some phosphates. I come home with $100 in phos out products and metal out products.

1 store says just have fun and swim another says don't go in until FC has reading.

I'm haven't added anything yet that I bought cause I don't know who to trust.

Please Help



no chlorine

Postby delph13 » Thu 14 Jun, 2012 09:20

We have the same problem.... and we're buying lots of chlorine, shock, have chlorinator, etc. The pool looks great and clear... except no or extremely low chlorine reading. We are currently working on this with our 'pool guy'.

no chlorine

Postby Justin » Mon 15 Apr, 2013 09:31

You have what is called chlorine lock. To eliminate this you need a super dosage of shock. It sounds crazy but i would throw in 6 bags of shock (based on a 16x32-18x36 gallonage) to unlock the chlorine.
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no chlorine

Postby chanavaro » Sun 15 Jun, 2014 17:00

I found this website and has loads of key informations about Chlorine.

Re: no chlorine

Postby Jason76 » Sat 30 Apr, 2016 19:32

Just curious. when I test my water for chlorine and it shows zero but the water stays crystal clear all the time do I need to add chlorine? I do use a swg 10 hours a day. All other levels are fine.

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