New AG--walls are buckling

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New AG--walls are buckling

Postby TNLisaa » Tue 22 Apr, 2008 14:05

We recently purchased a 24' AG. We have a fairly flat yard. PB came to install on a wet and dreary day. They dug up the yard, put down sand, put down blocks and bottom rings. We had a water outage in our neighborhood as they were installing. They said they couldn't continue w/o water, so they left. It then continued to rain for a week or so. They finally came back on a fairly dry day--but all of this stuff had settled down in the mud. They came in and started to build. The had a hard time getting the liner on, which I understand is normal, however when they finished there were several large buckles in the wall. They told us they would come out as we filled the pool.

We filled the pool slowly over the past two weeks--only when sun was directly on the pool. We completed yesterday--however--we've noticed two places near support poles that have buckles which are large enough to be concerning. Also, one of the supports is not straight (actually I think more than one, but this one is noticeable from a distance). Also, two of the supports are starting to 'flatten' our near the bottom. It looks like there is too much weight.

All of that said I've been waiting on the installer all day. What should I expect? Would we have to drain? Do you think they will fix or blow us off? I'm concerned.

Thanks for your help.


Postby Guest » Thu 24 Apr, 2008 07:48

Sounds like it's not level and that's why the buckles didn't pop when full and the support leaning is another.

I experienced buckles because my walls fell in while filling but since it was level, the buckles popped back into place.

I'd call them and tell them about it. They should fix it.
Good Luck!
NJ Pool Owner

Buckling Walls on AG Pool

Postby NJ Pool Owner » Sun 11 May, 2008 21:00

I just had a 24' AG pool installed and the wall are bucked at the base of a few posts. I have a well and couldn't fill it fast enough for the installers so we ordered water trucks. The installers left before the trucks arrived but the only instruction they left was to go around the inside perimeter with a broom and knock the wrinkels out of the liner. The first truck arrived and began to fill the pool, the wall buckled in the center but the water guy said with the next truck it would pop out and it did. After the pool had filled, several buckles were left in the pool, but not in the center of the wall as previous. These are at the base of the support columns. A call to the installer siad that I filled the pool to fast, said I should fill 8" a day. These water trucks fill pools constantly. No where in the instructions does it say such a thing. They want to give it two weeks to see if warm weather will allow the liner to streatch. I started thinking yesterday about it being out of level, now I read your post. Let me know how you make out.

Re: New AG--walls are buckling

Postby TNAnita » Thu 24 Jul, 2008 20:43

Dear TNLisaa, We are in the process of having a 30ft above ground pool installed. I read your dilemma with horror: our pool finished filling last night. Now the installers from the custom pool place are supposedly completing the job. Some of our posts are flattening too; one post is also noticeably crooked now. We paid half the pool down; but have spent so much money on the water to fill. I shudder to think that we have to start over. The owner's grown son is already grumbling about this stupid little housewive's request to clean up the dirt that he mounded on my manicured lawn. What do any of us do when the unscrupulous professional custom pool stores fail us? My son is so anxious; I'm learning that the majority of business people just blow hard and get angry because we the consumers catch them in their slap dash jobs. Arghh!
TN Anita

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