My pumps weren't bonded

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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My pumps weren't bonded

Postby ScottEvil » Tue 22 Apr, 2008 23:26

So I bought a new pump and filter this past week and when replacing the pump I noticed the bonding lug on the outside of the new one. My electrician told me to just get a ground rod and connect it to that but me being the pesimist I am I started reading about grounding/bonding and found out it is not too be grounded but to connect it and all metal objects within 5' of the pool to the steel frame of my 36K IG. I walked around the pool checking the ladder, diving board and electrical boxes near the pool and only found an electrical box under my diving board with a #8 or #10 bare solid copper wire attached to the outside of the box and going down into the concrete. I am assuming the box is for my pool light since it it directly below the box/diving board. I dug up around my existing pump and supply/return lines and didn't see a bare wire anywhere close to the area. I bought the house with the pool already installed and got a crash coarse in pool maintenance . It is had an old Anthony Pools setup dating the pool back 25+ years. I have owed the house for 3 years and swam in the pool up until this year and now realize I could have been in danger or gotten shocked.
Since I am redoing my pump and filter I want it done the right way. Should I run a #8 stranded wire from my 2 pumps over to the electrical box with the bonding lug already on it and hope it is connected to the pool's frame or worse have to actually connect the wire directly to the frame itself. Obviously both are going involve a bit of concrete cutting on the sidewalk surrounding the pool, but the later remedy seems a bit more intensive if not down right tough. Suggestions?

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