How long is average construction for a pool?

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How long is average construction for a pool?

Postby sersi » Wed 23 Apr, 2008 09:19

I have seen nightmares of pools taking a year to get done! I have had two pool companies come out and both said 2 weeks. The one said that say we decided to go with the pool on May1st. We would lose most of may getting the permit. ONce the permit comes in <our area it takes about 30 days> , they will start digging..and said I should be swimming in my new pool by the 3rd week in June..Is this too good to be true? We want to definitely do a pool..but if I won't be able to swim in the summer, then I might as well wait until next year and get it done earlier..instead of having my yard all torn up all summer long...but the delays maybe due to weather conditions in the unpredictible winter /spring months?Thanks in advance!


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Postby dfwswimmer » Mon 14 Jul, 2008 18:32

I don't know what part of the country you are in. I am currently building my second pool. If you start early in the spring like we did the first time you have a better chance of a speedy build process. This second time is turning into a nightmare with all the delays. The pool company can't seem to manage their subs at all. I expect this pool will drag out the entire summer :(


Postby gregg » Sat 23 Aug, 2008 13:05

my builder started digging the hole July 4th and I was swimming July 30th. Gunite pool w/spa 15,000 gal SWG. Lost 2 days due to rain. The subs were running into each other on the way out. He had them moving like clockwork. Find a builder who doesnt build mass quantity pools and he will focus on one pool at a time till its done.
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Postby juno1996 » Sun 24 Aug, 2008 09:32

Yes, it depends on the builder and weather. I had Blue Haven Pools of Indianapolis build my pool and they are pathetic when it comes to moving things along.

I signed the contract on September 6 of last year and our pool wasn't completed until mid-summer. (And they still have some punch-list items to go.)

The problem, I suspect, is they get the cheapest subs they can find and then fail to manage them.

Do 2 things when selecting a pool company.

1) Check references and Angies List .com
2) Find out who is doing the work...subs or employees.

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