Pool Opening Problem

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Pool Opening Problem

Postby Luvai » Sat 14 May, 2005 10:14


I have opened my pool first time this year. I removed the cover top up the pool water, remove plugs and make sure the pipes are full of water by
priming the pump while run it to filter the water. However, the water is NOT flowing thru my filter system. WHAT SHOULD I DO NOW?

thanks for your suggestions


Pool Opening Problem

Postby gov » Sun 29 May, 2005 18:34

Check and make sure the hoses are connected to the right port on your filter. In from pump and out to pool.
Pool Problem Solver

Pool opening problem

Postby Pool Problem Solver » Sun 15 Jan, 2006 08:46

Make sure the multiport valve is set to "filtration" (position 1).

Recheck that the pipes are all full of water.

Try backwashing and then set to filter.

Did any of these work?

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