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Postby Sumthenspshl » Sat 29 Apr, 2006 07:54

Hello, please bare with me I have ZERO pool experience. I have just purchased a home from the court system. This house has been in the court system for 6 months and due to cold weather I know it has been longer than that since the pool/spa has been maintained. I have 2 problems, with this house came an inground pool and a hot tub spa. And absolutly no paperwork on these items. I was TOLD that the pool is the kind that does not have a liner. And it is GREEN with algae and wildlife is living in it. Also it does have a tent type cover to help keep the leaves out stuff like that. My question is what is my first step. I have read several internet sites and I understand about the chemicals. But should I drain the pool? Or should I shock the pool? Also does any one have any suggestions on how to clean the tent over the pool? My other problem is the spa, I also have ZERO experience with spa and again I have been reading but it has water in the spa and it has been running this entire time. When I opened the cover it smells like mildew. Now I am not sure if it is the cover that has mildewed or if it is the actual water. Again, do I drain this or do I treat it with something. I personally would like to drain it and clean it but i do not know if that is bad for the machine. PLEASE, ANY ADVISE WOULD BE GREAT!!!! THANK YOU IN ADVANCE


swampy pool

Postby gordy » Mon 01 May, 2006 01:48

If you can, I would suggest draining cleaning and refilling the pool and spa.

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