Use Water From One Pool For Another Pool

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Use Water From One Pool For Another Pool

Postby DeadlyPersona » Thu 24 Apr, 2008 08:28

Ok, I recently purchased an above ground pool (not too big) that holds about 1400 gallons of water. Unfortunately, we didn't realize there was a defect until after the pool was fully filled and it took 2-3 days to fill it. :( We purchased another above ground pool and was hoping to use the water from the old pool without having to get buckets and march back and forth between the pools. The pools are about 3 truck (SUV) lengths apart. Is there an expensive way to do this? Or will we have to refill the new pool, that will take 3-5 days (since it's bigger).

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Postby chem geek » Thu 24 Apr, 2008 09:31

A pool cover pump can be used to SLOWLY transfer water from one pool to another. For example, see the pumps here. If you get the very inexpensive pump with 250-500 GPH rates, then in theory it will take a few hours to transfer water from one pool to the other. In practice, the actual rate is lower than the rated rate, sometimes by as much as a factor of 3. So getting a rated 300 GPH that has an actual flow of 100 GPH would mean taking around 14 hours to transfer the water. Just make sure the specific pump you get is submersible -- most are. Also, you are safer getting a somewhat more expensive and powerful pump to ensure it will be able to drain from the bottom since it takes pressure to get the water to overcome the depth of the pool (i.e. to make it over the edge).


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