How to plumb the control system

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How to plumb the control system

Postby stillwell1 » Thu 24 Apr, 2008 16:04

I am a new inground pool owner; 35,000gal. The pool controls are about 4-6' above the pool level. I have just bought a salt water cholrinator. The cholinator is equipped with a U shaped Manifold, which is installed upside down and has a by-pass flow valve running across the open part of the U. I have a polaris motor; attaches to a separate inlet and has a booster pump in line with the separate inlet. There is no heater.

Do I need to install a check valve between the filter and the pressure side of the filter pump? There is one now; it does not seem to work.

After the filter I am planning to install the Manifold. Between Manifold and the inlet I will remove the existing diverter valve & install a Tee or T-Y (which one?). One side of the Tee goes to the booster pump (a 3/4" or 1" line); the other side, 2" line, goes to the inlet pipe, which is split and feeds into (2) & (4) pool inlets. Is this ok? Does Booster Pump line need a check Valve? Any other advice is helpful. Thanks.

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