lumpiness of pool surface after replastering

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lumpiness of pool surface after replastering

Postby tlaw » Fri 25 Apr, 2008 09:34

We recently had our pool replastered, initially with just white plaster. After it was done and the start-up was completed, the surface looked extremely lumpy. The plastering company came to look at it and acknowledged that it looked horrible. The owner agreed to re-do the job, at which point we paid additional money to use 3M colorquartz. Once again, the surface looks just as lumpy. When we demanded a refund of our money, the company hired a lawyer who sent out a plastering consultant and a rep from 3M to examine the pool. The consultant said that all pools have lumpiness and that the lumpiness in our pool is made more visible because our pool light is at the shallow end of the pool rather than the deep end, thereby highlighting the unevenness/lumpiness that is always going to be present in a newly replastered pool, but that would otherwise be not as visible were the pool light at the deep end of the pool. Although we did not expect a perfectly smooth surface, I cannot accept that "all" pools look this way after paying $7000 to replaster. Our pool didn't look this way with the original plaster, nor have I ever observed such extreme lumpiness in other pools I've swam in, including those with a light at the shallow end. Any input or experience in this regard would be greatly appreciated, as I'm not sure whether I am fighting a lost battle, or whether they are simply trying to "pool" a fast one on me. :roll: Thanks, Terri

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Postby mr_clean » Fri 25 Apr, 2008 14:38

I would suggest having a few different plaster companies in your area come out & inspect plaster for you without you telling them which company plastered for you "as it a small world". Then have them write letters explaining why they think it happened & take it to a lawyer would be your best bet.

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