dirty messy pool..need help!

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dirty messy pool..need help!

Postby LIBrenda » Fri 25 Apr, 2008 10:29

I have an inground pool that was covered last year....but the cover came off. There's probably a good 2 inches of leaves at the bottom (well, I'm assuming that..cause I can't actually SEE the bottom). The water is brown and nasty.

Should I even bother to shock it if there's still leaves and junk in there? I have a pool guy coming tomorrow to figure out which pipes are leaking (thats a whole 'nother problem). He told me to put 10-12 gallons of shock in the pool and we'll take it from there. I just don't want to be throwing my money away.


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Postby muss08 » Sat 26 Apr, 2008 20:27

Definitely work on getting those leaves out. You can scoop em out if you have a leaf net. The chlorine will help but it wont be very effective because the chlorine will be trying to oxidize the leaves because they are organic material. If you take one pass along the bottom with a leaf net and it fills the net then you have ALOT of leaves. It can be expensive but the easiest thing to do is drain the pool to get everything out and maybe pressure wash or if the staining is REALLY REALLY bad- acid wash. I would not recommend this however because you can turn around almost any pool with some hard work.
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Postby LIBrenda » Sat 03 May, 2008 13:35

Thanks so much for the reply. I managed to get quite a bit of the leaves out of the pool..it wasn't bad enough to be drained. My water is blue- but not clear yet. I can see a couple of feet down- so I just need to vacuum up the crud thats left at the bottom and I should be good to go!

BTW- I can tell there's still stuff at the bottom- I'm going thru shock like crazy!

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