Pentair Minimax 100

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Pentair Minimax 100

Postby Brodie » Fri 25 Apr, 2008 21:01

Help...........My wife turned the filter off and left the heater running over night and the next morning I found the inlet and outlet bent like bananas because of the heat. The heater was supposed to shut off because there was no pressure but it didn't. Ever since I can't get the heater to fire. I changed the millivolt but it didn't work. Any suggestions?????????? I truly believe it is something very simple but to get some one just to look at it will be $100 bucks for the initial visit. :? :( [/url]


What I was told

Postby ERRMJR » Mon 28 Apr, 2008 07:05

I had an issue with my MiniMAx 100 after installing..The pool folks could not come out for 2 more weeks, But they did tell me to try this..There are 3 sensors on the water in/out manifolds, that each have 2 wires connected to them.. what you do is remove the two wire connectors from the sensor and place a piece of wire between the two of them to by-pass the sensor. Try them one at a time, and see if your heater works. If you locate the bad sensor, you saved yourself a service call, and it's easy to replace..DO NOT operate your heater for a long period with the by-pass ,in that you can cause further damage ..

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