Skimmer seems clogged from stabalizer

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Skimmer seems clogged from stabalizer

Postby Amy » Sat 26 Apr, 2008 10:04

I think my skimmer is clogged from adding my stabalizer. I don't know how to fix or who I need to call - this is part the pump? I just cleaned my filters and cell two weeks ago, the cell light is on again. I took my water to be tested and it isn't showing any stabalizer... I don't know who I should call to repair or if it's something I can do, its starting to get the yellow mustard in the pool and to shock and stop yellow without fixing the issue seems silly!! Help! Please!

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Postby mr_clean » Sat 26 Apr, 2008 10:58

When doing this so granular conditioner can disolve faster in filter you can not just dump & go. You have to pour very little at a time & never more than 3-4lbs.

So where is it clogged? Do you know? can you see it?

If it's clogged in pump you need to unbolt motor from pump & pull it out which will allow you to clean out compacted conditioner stuck in impeller area. If conditioner is cement in pump basket empty it onto newspaper.

There is a easier conditioner to use made by Hasa & it's like babypowder which you can disolve into bucket of water & add.

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