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Pool Cover Water

Postby Waterdog » Sat 29 Apr, 2006 18:24

My above ground pool cover has a large ammount of water on it from over the winter. I tried to pump it out with an electric pump but the water level on the whole pool just keeps on dropping. This is a new cover but looks as though there could be a leak although I can't see any. Should I try to refill the pool through strainer to raise cover, or just keep a pumpin?

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Pool cover leak

Postby Larry » Tue 02 May, 2006 01:34

Sounds like the cover has a leak. Pumping further will only empty the pool even more.

I would fill the pool and remove the cover ASAP. Inspect the cover for damage and have it repaired before using it again.

Postby Waterdog » Tue 02 May, 2006 08:36

Thanks for your help! I'll start to fill it today.

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