Bleach in place of chlorine?

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Bleach in place of chlorine?

Postby grannyjanny » Tue 29 Apr, 2008 14:48

Can I use bleach instead of chlorine to bring my above ground pool back after the winter and can I continue to use it through the summer?

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Postby Denali » Tue 29 Apr, 2008 18:07

I wouldn't advise it. Bleach has a lower level of chlorine than pool chlorine has in it.
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Postby chem geek » Tue 29 Apr, 2008 19:57

It all depends on price. Chlorinating liquid (usually 10% or 12.5%) and unscented bleach (6% Clorox Regular or off-brand Ultra) are identical except for concentration. I get 12.5% chlorinating liquid from my pool store for around $3.60 per gallon which works out to $1.33 for a 96-ounce jug of bleach. However, since the pool store reuses the plastic gallon containers, I prefer to use them even if it's a little more expensive since it's better for the environment (better to reuse than recycle).

Whenever you add concentrated chemicals to your pool, you should do so slowly over a return flow and then brush the side and bottom where you've added it to mix it thoroughly. This is especially important in vinyl pools without floor drains, such as most above-ground pools.

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