Installing a new Liner.

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Installing a new Liner.

Postby JuStBnMe » Wed 30 Apr, 2008 12:57

I will be purchasing a new liner for my 28' above ground pool. Our old liner has had a leak for the past few years, and the patch is no longer working. Almost all of the water was lost over the winter. We ended up taking our winter cover off early, because the ice and snow was causing the sides to start buckling inward. I don't think it did any damage.

Anyway, I am looking for any advice on purchasing or installing a new linner. We have a over-lap type liner. I have called our pool place for quotes on linners and istalation, and it will cost me $400.00 to have the pool company come out and install a new liner. Thats not including the cost of a new liner. That is a bit pricy for me.

I am considering installing it myself. I have never installed one before. I would like to know from anyone who has ever done this themselves if it was easy or hard. I just want to know what I am getting into by doing this myself. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Postby Guest » Wed 30 Apr, 2008 22:41

I've done it myself and you can't go wrong with 4 or more sets of hands and calm weather.

The over lap is pretty simple. I used a shopvac to help pull the wrinkles out while filling.

Don't cut for the return/skimmer till the water is right below.

I think the hardest part is getting it centered and wrinkle free... Oh and watching it fill up. :lol:

Postby JuStBnMe » Thu 01 May, 2008 10:08

Thanks, hearing that gives me a little more confidence that I can do this myself. I just can't stand the thought of paying someone $400.00 dollars to do it for me.

I will be sure to recruit the family for help.

Postby Guest » Sun 18 May, 2008 09:28

getting ready to install new liner when weather get warmer how exactly do we use the shop vac?
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Postby SummerTimeLove » Sun 18 May, 2008 14:55

You would use duct tape and card board cut out to seal the return and skimmer hole after liner is pretty much set. Cut a small hole for the shopvac hose in the cardboard cutout on skimmer, shove hose in, duct tape more.

Turn on shopvac. What you're basically looking for is a seal.

With a few inches or so of water in the pool, start working your wrinkles out with the vac on. This step is pretty crucial *I think* for a wrinkle free bottom. Don't let the water get too deep because then the wrinkles won't budge. It took me a couple hours of working my liner to get a good wrinkle free bottom. I do have a few baby wrinkles though. :oops: I can hardly see them. You really have to stare for them. :lol:

Good luck.

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