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Skimmer pipe repair options

Postby JudyG » Thu 01 May, 2008 10:10

I live in a small condo association in Florida with and in-ground pool that automatically refills itself as the water level drops. The pool was propably built 30+ years ago and was recently resurfaced with Crystal Crete.

When the water meter reader was out two weeks ago we realized we have problem since we used more then 60,000 (that's not a typo) gallons of water in the last month. With the help of our pool service company we have finally pinpointed the problem as a break/crack in one of the pipes pulling water into the skimmer system. The break is located about 9" below the cement curb.

Here's my question:
One of the repair options is to block off the leaking skimmer pipe (it is one of fifteen skimmer drains in the pool). The process was described as inserting a dense sponge type material into the pipe until it was below the break. The pipe above the sponge would then be filled and sealed off, the gutter repaired and the one skimmer drain eliminated.

Has anyone heard of or done this type of repair?
Would you recommend it?

Since the pool is a multi-family pool it is monitored by the county on a monthly basis. We are currently waiting to hear from them if fourteen skimmer drains will still be acceptable from their perspective but I'm also looking to feel comfortable with this repair option. If 14 won't work we'll have to do our second option (core drill, replace pipe, etc). Lots more dollars and a significantly longer wait before the pool can be back up and running.


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