loss of water over winter

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pat m

loss of water over winter

Postby pat m » Fri 02 May, 2008 18:13

Both my neighbor and I lost alot of water of the winter. The pool level is lower than it has ever been. His liner is brand new, mine about 15 years old. Was it because it was a bad winter? We live in Albany ny. Any insight would be helpful.


Postby Guest » Sat 03 May, 2008 07:15

I have an above ground and I lose alot of water every year over the winter too.

It seems normal. I figure, the weight of the water on the cover and evaporation under the cover is probly the leading cause.
I'm new here
I'm new here
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Loss of water over winter

Postby frazwells » Sat 02 May, 2009 18:10

Was there any damage to your pool or pipes that caused the leak? I have just looked at opening mine this year and have also lost alot of water!!

Loss of water over winter

Postby brianbo » Fri 29 May, 2009 13:00

I am from Worcester, MA. I lost 7 inches this year and about the same last year in my 24 AG pool. My pool was a mess during last year's opening due to the horror story of the year before. I think I caused a hole last year raking the leaves out which I fixed. I had to but a DE filter last year dur to my iron in my well and it worked great.
I talked to 2 pool guys today.
One said 7 inches of evaporation is normal and the other said it is way too much.
I am going to fill it and see what happens. If I lose too much, I will have the guy come over and try to find a leak for $85.
Just curious: How much water did you lose especially the guys from Albany?


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