Water Temp?

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Water Temp?

Postby Guest » Mon 01 May, 2006 01:22

I am having trouble with cloudy water this year, I didn't cover my pool this winter but have shocked it, gotten my chemical readings perfect. The water continues to be cloudy, I have left it alone for a week but it is getting better, slowly. Here's my question, does the water temp have to be at certain point in order for the chlorine/clarfier to be effective? Our water is still really cold,my kids who are normally already in the water by this time of year refuse to get in because it is cold, could this be why my water is still cloudy?


Pool water temperature problem

Postby snood » Mon 01 May, 2006 02:05

Chlorine "gases off" more rapidly at higher temperatures so a low water temperature is not your problem. Could be high hardness levels, inefficient filtration or low pump run times.

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