Chlor-B rite Precautions

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Chlor-B rite Precautions

Postby Lue » Sun 04 May, 2008 11:30

I was told that it is advisable not too go into a pool for 24-48 hours after a Chlor-Brite shock and it could cause blonde hair to turn green. Any truth to this?


chlor brite

Postby jdlloyd1183 » Mon 05 May, 2008 08:03

Stop using chlor brite!!!!! Unless you have a pool using an ionizer or you use pristine blue anything with dichlor on the label is no good!!!! YOu will eventually overstabilize your pool, which will could cost you a whole lot more than green hair.As for green hair check to see if the shock or anything else you use has copper in it or if you have a heater. Copper turns hair green not chlorine, an it will be more likely to happen when the pH is too high. DO NOT renter your pool until the FAC is between 1-4 ppm

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