HELP ! MAYDAY! Need some advice

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HELP ! MAYDAY! Need some advice

Postby Frustrated_pool_owner » Mon 05 May, 2008 09:57

Hello all, just signed up today in hopes you guys can help me out.

I have an inground pool with attached in-ground Jaqquzzi about 15-20 years old. Walls Fiberglass bottom Concrete, long story short is we were having lots of leaks through cracks in bottom and through fiber sides... we hired a pool guy who bought a product called Fiberglast (sp) Well pool guy didnt finish job but took our 10 k (in court now) but i followed instructions to the letter with primer and prep work, i even called the company to make sure it was right. I live in Chicago and opened pool this week end to find all the Fiberglast had pealed away in sheets from bottom and sides of all the concrete parts of the pool.

We got a price of 8 k to fill in pool but i wanted to know if we wanted to restore pool.. what are my options for a Chicago climate. Can just the bottom be re-plastered or concrete ? What can I do to the entire pool inside to make sure it is water tight and looks good... I invested alot with the pavers around the pool. Any help WOULD BE GREAT. let me know if I need to post any pics or other info for help. Thanks

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