Pool got cloudy after shocking

Causes and cures for cloudy swimming pool water.
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Cloudy Pool

Cloudy pool water

Postby Cloudy Pool » Wed 28 Dec, 2005 10:55

Shocking adds a ton of calcium to the water turning it cloudy overnight. Shock doses of dichlor can be even worse.

To clear the water run the filter round the clock and it should clear within a few days.

I was sick and tired of these problems (algae, cloudy water, loads of money spent on "quick fixes" that don't work too well), so I bought a Pool Wizard I found through the link on this forum. I've had the best (and cheapest) pool season in 9 years. Despite being winter when nobody even looks at the pool, the pool water is still clean, clear and sparkling.

your friend

Pool got cloudy after shocking

Postby your friend » Thu 10 Jun, 2010 01:26

You should never use powders in a pool. Stick with the liquid chlorine
Powders add CYA to your pool, a stabalizer, that builds up and eventually reaches a level where you have eto keep adding more and more powdered chlorine to keep from getting alge.
The only want to remove CYA to safe levels once you reach this state is to drain your pool.

You can add calcium based chlorine product. Same thing, although it does not increase cya as much it increases your calcuim. You cannot just filter to clear up too much calcium, you have to drain water from your pool. This product leads to scale

Search for the Bleach Baking Soda and Borax BBB method of taking care of your pool.

Your pool can be crystal clear using only liquid chlorine, and muratic acid
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Pool got cloudy after shocking

Postby wingnut81 » Tue 22 Jun, 2010 13:52

Hello everyone, I have a 24 foot round above ground with a sand filter. I shocked my pool and it turned green. I was told to put in scale and stain remover to clear it up. I did this, two bottles worth, did not work, still green. Had my water tested today, June 22, every thing is balanced perfect, but water is still green, don't know what to try next. Filter has been running. Need help

Pool got cloudy after shocking

Postby CGirl » Tue 06 Jul, 2010 20:11

We shocked our pool tonight and it turned cloudy. WE have been testing the water and the readings are fine but the ph was a tad high. The pool was crystal clear. The pool water was 87 degrees. Would that be a factor? What do we do now?
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Pool got cloudy after shocking

Postby chem geek » Wed 07 Jul, 2010 02:17

If you shocked with a hypochlorite source of chlorine such as chlorinating liquid, bleach or Cal-Hypo, then the pH would rise and could cause cloudiness. You most likely used Cal-Hypo which also raises the Calcium Hardness (CH) level as well. When the water is saturated with calcium carbonate as it should be for plaster pools, then adding Cal-Hypo will often cloud the pool. Since your pH was already high, that's probably what happened. If you add acid to lower the pH, the cloudiness should reduce -- note that the pH should also drop as the chlorine gets used up. If you put all of your test results (from a good test kit such as the Taylor K-2006 or the TF-100) into The Pool Calculator it will calculate the saturation index for you.
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cloudy all the way through the water

Postby Jason - OBPS » Wed 08 Sep, 2010 10:44

Pool User wrote:no it stood cloudy all the way through the water

Flock it. With Robarbs Down and Out. Follow the dosage and application instructions completely. Including shutting off the equipment for 24 to 48 hrs! Hopefully you have a multiport valve you can vacuum to waste after it has settled. Then run your equipment 24/7 sand will keep clean water clean but dirty or cloudy water will take a bit more time and it will need help. The rule of thumb for back washing a sand filter is 8 to 10 PSI above clean pressure is when you need to BW again. Remember the sand in the filters needs to settle in order for it to filter because the water is pushed through the sand. Flock it first and don't put anymore chemicals in as you will only waste your $$$. After the water is clear then adjust your chemicals starting with Alkalinity > PH > Chlorine > everything else...

Pool got cloudy after shocking

Postby stephen » Fri 07 Jan, 2011 05:12

use liquid chlorine. the powdered chlorine is the main cause of the problem, try it and see for yourself. dry chlorine is just a way to sell more chemicals (to clean up the cloudy mess it makes)
Dave in Aus

Pool got cloudy after shocking

Postby Dave in Aus » Tue 18 Jan, 2011 02:51

All points above are valid but one point I've noticed missing, thanks to bitter experience, is have you used a garden or pest spray near the pool recently? I did this two weeks ago and was at my wits end, our local pool guy asked in passing if we had (we had done both) and we needed to add 5kg of chlorine just to deal with the residual spray, which doesn't show up on regular or in shop tests. worked a treat, crystal clear, and levels stayed well within normal ranges following the massive dose and backwashing.
Hope this helps.
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Pool got cloudy after shocking

Postby billsoukup » Sat 05 Feb, 2011 09:13

Many times a pool will cloud up after shocking. This typically is an indication that your pool was going to cloud anyway. The chlorine did it's job, killed the algae that you couldn't see in the water, just not yet. You need to raise the chlorine level to about 10 PPM to clear up a cloudy pool. If your chlorine was low after shocking, the pool could take a long time to clear up.
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Pool got cloudy after shocking

Postby discountpool » Tue 15 Feb, 2011 01:49

the cloudiness is probably oxygen from the shock...try running the filter 24 hours a day for a few days

Pool got cloudy after shocking

Postby cantwait2swim » Sun 17 Jul, 2011 08:51

Same thing happened to our pool. Took water sample in to our local pool place here in NJ and 2 people ahead of us had the very same problem!!! He said there is an overwhelming amount of people coming in this year with cloudy water (looks like tropical water from distance). He said we had Nitrate block. We needed to over shock it to break the block. We could either throw extra amounts (3x's?) of super shock every 3 hrs until clear, or we could throw in all at once 15 gals (for our size pool- 15,000 gal) of liquid chlorine. We chose the latter, didnt feel like going out every 3 hrs. OMG!!! It was noticeably dif. within 2 hrs by 4hrs we could see the bottom and the next morning crystal clear!!! Dont be alarmed to see foam on top of water at first. Hope this helps
This really works

Pool got cloudy after shocking

Postby This really works » Sun 17 Jul, 2011 12:56

Had the same problem after a storm(GREEN POOL). All tests were fine. Read this and took the advice. What I did. Which cleared it in ONE hour. Backwashed and rinsed twice. Turned filter back to filter setting. Added one pint of CLORAX. Job done!!! Good luck to you all. By the way, we live in the Carribean.
This Really Works

Pool got cloudy after shocking

Postby This Really Works » Sun 17 Jul, 2011 12:59

Sorry. Forgot to mention. Added CLORAX directly into skimmer. Good luck all!

Pool got cloudy after shocking

Postby zoombroom » Wed 27 Jul, 2011 13:41

:mrgreen: :shock: :)

Pool got cloudy after shocking

Postby dger » Thu 18 Aug, 2011 19:15

After trying the shock, clarifier, vacuuming and backwashing, I still had cloudy water. Then I used a "phosphate remover" and I had clear water the next day.

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