Help! White Plaster vs Colored Plaster...

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Help! White Plaster vs Colored Plaster...

Postby kiwipool » Mon 02 Jan, 2012 16:38

So you want a colored plaster finish, in the main this is done adding a Colored Oxide to the mix, this can also be in the form of a liquid some use printers ink.
By the nature of the pool industry the applicator will work out his profit factor so the option is to pick the base product that returns the best profit which is of course Marble to this add White Portland Cement, and to add a little lift to the finish throw in some Colored Quartz and yes it looks great, even better than it was.

You may even believe you have a Quartz Plaster, really you are being fooled. A good test to find out how good your plaster is is take a small amount put it in a glass and add some acid to it leave it for a couple of hours and see if any remains, you will find the marble acts like a creaming soda and disappears.

Now that is why Marble Based Pool Plaster is outdated and what the industry should be aiming for is a 100% Quartz based Plaster which means the only thing that can deteriorate over time is the Cement which means that who knows 10, 15, maybe 30 years from a pure Quartz Plaster is a possibility.

For 15 years I have been trying different products in an attempt to come up with a good plaster for Swimming Pools here in New Zealand and have found that almost any color that wont fade is possible.

What makes Quartz better is the fact it is very hard and inert where Marble is Porous and stains. This means that pool water treatment is more forgiving.

To sum up the industry likes the old and tried products and as yet the Plaster I have developed is awaiting a Distributor in the USA.

Another discovery i have made with Quartz is as a Filter Media, it is far better that Glass Sand or even Zeolite filtering down to 3 microns it even removes Iron (from rusty water pipes)

If you are interested in any form contact me email kiwipoo [email protected] nz or

Norman. :thumbup:

kiwi norman

Help! White Plaster vs Colored Plaster...

Postby kiwi norman » Fri 28 Dec, 2012 16:30


Soon to be released into the USA is "ARMADILLO POOL QUARTZ" This swimming pool plaster is 100% Quartz using their own Colored Quartz, it uses no Oxides but there own recently developed very fine grains of Colored Quartz that is mixed with the natural White Quartz. Almost any color is possible.

The finish is Color fast, inert making pool chemistry simpler to manage, it has a greater stain resistance and is longer lasting than other plasters.

Interested in more and the distributors name in the USA email Norman; [email protected]

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