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Postby crtodd » Tue 13 May, 2008 14:21

I am a new pool owner and do not totally understand what and when to add the weekly and monthly chemicals to my pool. I have a test kit and all of the start up chemicals that the came with it and have added them but I do not know what to do next. Help! Where do I go to read about this info?

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Postby chem geek » Tue 13 May, 2008 14:59

You can start with the Stickies here. Start with the "ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry" and then read "BBB for Beginners". You do not have to use the BBB method, but by understanding it you will understand what you need to do for other (more expensive but sometimes more convenient) methods such as using Trichlor pucks/tabs plus algaecides or keeping chlorine levels higher or diluting the water to keep Cyanuric Acid (CYA) lower, etc. For automatic dosing of chlorinating liquid or bleach, you can use The Liquidator which is talked about in this thread.

Your test kit is probably inadequate, especially if it is test strips. You should get a good test kit, either the Taylor K-2006 which you can get at a good online price here or the TF100 from tftestkits(dot)com here with the latter kit having 36% more volume of reagents so comparably priced "per test". Both of these kits use a FAS-DPD chlorine test that can measure up to 50 ppm Free Chlorine (FC) levels and can measure with a precision of 0.2 ppm.

Good luck!

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