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Black Hose Heater

Postby Cheif » Tue 13 May, 2008 20:10

Hi All,

New to the forum.

I've owned an AG 27' round. Going on it's 6th season and no real problems.

I just installed a 45 degree PVC 'T' on the filter out, necked down to a garden hose valve. I used 200 ft of black hose and ran it to the roof, returning to the pool over the side near my deck.

Today was the first day I ran it. pool temp was 65, temp at the black hose outlet was 68. It was flowing well, but no real pressure. I can't feel any difference in pressure on the pool return which is good.

My neighbor used a similar setup, he had a 16x32 inground. His water capacity was appx 11,000 gal where mine is more like 18,500. He had great results, maybe too good. It was so warm I never wanted to swim in it.

From reading some of these posts, it seems I should be getting more of a temp change if I want any real heat. My pool temps have hit 86 occasionally in past seasons, but I'd like to keep it around there for good. It seems everyone spends more time in it at around 86.

Right now my only idea is to add maybe another 100-200 feet of hose and be patient.

Anyone have any ideas/suggestions for my present setup on how to improve it ? I know it's extremely simple and maybe a little crude, but I've managed to keep the pool running well on this philosophy so far, and would like to continue this way. I just want the pool to get more use.

At 80 degrees people don't stay in the water long, once it gets up to about 86, no one cares if the sun is shining or if it's dark.



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