Do we need to paint a concrete inground pool?

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new spring

Do we need to paint a concrete inground pool?

Postby new spring » Tue 02 May, 2006 12:11

Hello -

We have an outdoor inground 20 x 40 foot concrete swimming pool that is currently painted. We are in the process of draining the pool and having the pool acid-washed. Time is important for opening our pool and we are trying to find out if it is necessary to paint the concrete once the old paint has been removed. The pool is in good condition and we are using a salt-water filtration system. Can we just go with a bare concrete floor?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


New Spring


Concrete pool

Postby toasty » Tue 02 May, 2006 15:16

If you are sure the concrete is sound and does not leak then you shouldn't have any issues with a concrete pool.

May be prone to algea due to the porous nature of concrete, but good maintenance can help prevent algea problems.

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