Mustard Algae Stains?

Stains on the pool surfaces, pool equipment
or on the swimmers, or off-color swimming pool
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Mustard Algae Stains?

Postby AWelch » Wed 14 May, 2008 18:48

I live in Spring, Texas and have a 20,000 gallon plaster? pool. We just bought the house and are new at this. Well, I had a small mustard algae outbreak on once side of the pool. It was only there for about a week before we were able to get rid of it completely. But now, it's stained. Not all of the algae came off and I have these yellow stripes down one side. Any ideas on how to remove the stain?

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Postby muss08 » Wed 14 May, 2008 20:05

Brush it once or twice a day and keep your pool chlorine at shock level until the chlorine level stays the same overnight. Test at sundown and first thing in the morning. Organic stains will come out with chlorine and the fact you have stains means there is still algae that has gotten rooted deep into the plaster.
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