Solar cover.

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Solar cover.

Postby mickey1 » Mon 16 May, 2005 12:23

We just put a solar cover on our inground pool. I'm not sure how long to leave in on, or how long I should run the pool. Can I run the filter at night only and then let the sun and cover warm the water during the day? Should I remove the cover during the day and let the sun hit the water directly, and then recover at night? What works best?
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Postby Guest » Wed 18 May, 2005 14:13

I'd let the sun heat during the day, then run pump a few hrs at twilight, then cover to prevent evap or water/chemicals. If over 85 degrees and sunny, leave cover off.
Pool Cover

Solar pool cover

Postby Pool Cover » Sun 15 Jan, 2006 08:32

I would leave the solar cover on all the time and remove it only for swimming. That way you get the maximum heating benefit, as well as protecting the pool chemicals from evaporation. It will also keep dust, leaves and other debris out of the pool making maintenance easier.

You can run the pump a few hours in the day and a few at night. If necessary close the skimmer and open the main drain to allow the water to pump and circulate easily beneath your solar pool cover.

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