Pump loses prime when I switch to high speed

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Pump loses prime when I switch to high speed

Postby OldGuy » Fri 16 May, 2008 13:39

I have a 22 year old ITT Marlow Argonaut two speed pump on my pool. I recently drained the pool for only the second time since it was installed, cleaned the surface, and refilled it. When I had it completely refilled, I turned on the pump so I could start circulating the water. I filled the pump basket with water and then opened the valve and started the pump. The pump would prime and then run fine if I switched it to low speed (3 psi on the filter pressure gage). If I switch it to high speed, I see about a 10 psi increase in pressure and the pump will run for a few seconds to a minute or more, but then it sucks all of the water out of the basket and loses prime.

Is this indicating an air leak prior to the pump basket or a blockage in either the line from the main drain or the skimmer?

Either way, how can I troubleshoot and fix the problem?

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