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Inground Pool Light

Postby Fariborz » Tue 02 May, 2006 23:12

I too am a new inground pool owner (came with the house I bought). I am having trouble with the pool & connected spa lights. Everytime I turn the lights on my GFI switch gets tripped. Sounds like I have a short in the system. Any good way of trouble shooting the problem? I'd like to replace the bulb but it will probably burn as soon as I replace it unless I address the shortage in the system??? Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Also, has anybody used one of the new multicolor lights?

Thank you in advance.

Pool Helper

Pool light problem

Postby Pool Helper » Wed 03 May, 2006 01:39

Disconnect all the lights at their transformers. Connect one by one and turn on the power to determine which light/line is the faulty one.
This will make the problem easier to isolate.

Thank you

Postby Fariborz » Thu 04 May, 2006 22:57

Thank you for your suggestion Pool helper.


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