Still can't see bottom after over a month

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Still can't see bottom after over a month

Postby DMHAND » Sun 18 May, 2008 21:59

Well after posting earlier in the week, we then went to another pool company, Leslie's. They told me add 10# of alkanity up and Phosfree. They told me to take the vacuum head add a bottle of water attached to the bottom to where it wasn't sitting right on the bottom of the center of the pool, swish water counter-clockwise several times a day,and do this for 2 days. Mean while add 4oz of Clear and Perfect every 4 hrs until clear. We did this until the bottle was gone and nothing new. We still can not see the bottom, the water is blue, and there is little tiny white specs floating around. Today we even saw a small chunk of algae floating around. Again we use bromine and all my readings have been perfect for the last 3 or 4 times, other then having to increase alk. He told me that according to my readings it is not to the point of refilling, (we have an above ground pool), that it is treatable. Well that is what we have heard before over a month ago. Another thing is I dont' think our filter increasese in pressure like it should. He told me to watch the gauge and when it rose 8-10#'s to backwash. It only raised a total of maybe 2#'s at the most, over two days. Could this have anything to do with our problem?

Will this ever clear up? Any suggestions?? You can see my previous post as BLUE WATER CAN'T SEE THE BOTTOM for all my previous readings.

I am just at a loss of what to do now. We have been fighting this problem for over a month now and over $400 in chemicals.

PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!


Postby justneedsomehelp » Mon 19 May, 2008 18:23

Well not sure about your pool but I was there. 2 weeks later I came to forums and was told to shock the daylights out of it and run pump 24/7, I kept shock level for 10 days, did the pump, bruch, vacuum, all that. I finally got to see the bottom but also maintained some cloudy water, one night I floc'd it and the next day on it was and still is crystal clear. Total time over 3.5 weeks. My problem was for the first 2 weeks I did NOT maintain enough chlorine in it I guess.

THe floc droped all the white stuff over night and I vacuumed to waste.

That worked for my pool anyway.

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