Pump Question...

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Heather Nikole

Pump Question...

Postby Heather Nikole » Wed 03 May, 2006 15:00

I posted this question in the wrong place (cloudy water) so I will try this one more time. :oops:
I have been running the pump on "filter" continously since opening my pool last month. (not including the weekly backwash) After clearing up the cloudy water I now have a crystal clear pool. My husband suggested turning the pump off at night, but I am really weary about doing this. Is it ok to shut it off, and if so, for how long should the pump run on "filter" during a 24 hour period?
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
Heather :D

Pool Helper

Pool pump run time

Postby Pool Helper » Wed 03 May, 2006 15:15

I answered your post in the cloudy pool water forum.

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