household chlorine bleach 6%

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household chlorine bleach 6%

Postby brutus1zada » Mon 19 May, 2008 21:59

Question - Just uncovered the pool for the season!! Woo hoo! Need to shock pool. Want to use 6% liquid household chlorine beach in 42,000 gal. pool - what's the ratio to use? How many gallons per 10,000 when shocking?

This is all so new to me and I don't know where to learn about the 'codes' if you will... Read a book over the winter - still don't understand what it all means... Need 'pool for dummies'. Any suggestions? Pretend I know NOTHING - and you'll be right! Just don't want a repeat of last summer. Feel like the lack of knowledge has really been an enemy in the fight for the pretty pool... Used way too many chlor. tablets - pool ate them up. Not sure what I'm doing wrong but KNOW if I understood the pool terms and levels better, I'd be a pro. I DON'T understand the level with the colored additives. Seem to have better luck using the 'stupid sticks' as I like to call them - the level 'dipsticks'. Wish I understood the clear reader better.

I know this seems like a lost case and I'm asking for a lot, but, ANY SUGGESTIONS??

Sincerely - CONFUSED...


Postby Guest » Tue 20 May, 2008 00:22

Hard to tell you how much bleach to use to shock without knowing the levels of other chemicals in your pool. The chlorine tabs you added contain stabilizer, which in the right dose is needed. When that level gets to high, a higher level of chlorine must be maintained.

My suggestion is take a sample of your pool water to your local pool store. Ask them to test it for you. Also, bring along the test kit you have and ask them to show you how to use it.

There are big differences in test kits. Your kit probably doesn't test for CYA (stabilizer) or water hardness which are numbers you need.

When you get the numbers from the store, they will give you advice and try to sell you the solution. Take all the info they give you and post it here.

Good luck

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