Pool Startup- Clear green water & dirt

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Pool Startup- Clear green water & dirt

Postby polarbearclub » Tue 20 May, 2008 08:29

hello everyone.
reaching out to all the experts here.

i have a 20x40 inground pool. we had just replaced the liner in early april. we had the water truck deliver water to fill the pool. it was looking slightly green at that time. the pool guys then put some shock & algaecide into the pool (i wasn't home so i don't know how much), covered it up and it was that way until this past weekend.

we had just been having some rain, and of course, when they took the cover off, all that crap got into the pool. i started running the filter immediately, and there seems to be some improvement. i vacuumed out a lot of leaves (and earthworms- gross!). i have put in some algaecide and about 5lbs of shock in addition to my 3" tab floater. i have backwashed the filter quite a few times and it's running at about 10.

i'm not sure the exact chemistry of the water, but it seems like the water just looks dirty and is no a chemical problem so much.

what can i do to get my pool clear? i'm assuming i just have to keep on vacuuming the dirt and running the filter non-stop. am i missing something here?

the water in the shallow end looks pretty clear but slightly green, and the deep end.. i can see the bottom, but it looks really green and slightly cloudy.

the advice i got from a trusted pool store was to run the pool w/ the main drain on to get the dirt down there... vacuum that out and if there wasn't much improvement, try floc.

but- i want your advice too! Help!

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