Pool Opening - clear water with muck

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Pool Opening - clear water with muck

Postby Ange » Thu 22 May, 2008 09:31

I have an above ground pool, which was covered over the winter. Due to the storms we have here in Oklahoma - leaves and dirt have blown into the pool when the cover had been flapping in the breezes. When the cover was removed - the water was clear but there were leaves and dirt or muck covering most of the floor. I raked out the leaves, vacuumed to waste, and added flocculant to get all the stuff to settle so I can vacuum again. This morning (flocculant had been in the water for about 10 hrs) I still have cloudy water. I'm assuming that when the flocculant has done it's job - I will again have clear water with muck on the bottom. However it is suppose to rain today, and that has me concerned also. Is clear water the test for vacuuming up the flocculant? How long should the stuff remain in the water before I vacuum? Also, I have not added any chemicals to the pool. Should I get right on that while I am trying to clear the dirt out?

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