Zeo sand cleaning

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Zeo sand cleaning

Postby bossmare » Thu 22 May, 2008 11:53

I had Zeo sand put in my Hayward filter year before last. Due to a small tear in my cover, my pool was extremely dirty upon opening this year. I keep backflushing when the return flow slows down, but it keeps happening again, and the pressure is high. A local pool store sold me some Zeo sand cleaner. It says to turn the pump off, open the filter top, turn pump back on to backwash and add the diluted (in 2 gal. water) cleaner directly to the filter. I've never opened the filter top myself and am afraid water is going to go everywhere. I'm supposed to turn the pump back off and allow to sit for up to 12 hours, then backwash all cleaner out. Are these directions correct?


Zeosand cleaning

Postby donna121 » Mon 16 Mar, 2009 06:09

You got to get the cleaner to reach all the zeosand.

We use regular salt to regenerate our zeosand. You really should have the filter stand in the salt water for a few hours before backwashing

Zeo sand cleaning

Postby Todd » Sun 23 Jun, 2013 12:13

How do you do the salt regenerate? What is the step process? What is .08 of salt per gallon?
TSH Tech

Zeo sand cleaning

Postby TSH Tech » Mon 24 Jun, 2013 00:17

Hey Todd, if you buy specifically the "Zeo" sand cleaners, you will not have to do the salt recharging/activating. The cleaner itself has chemicals needed to clean Zeo sand of all types.
I've used 'GLB Filter Cleanse' in Zeo sand in an overnight soaking, skipped the salt baloney all together and still made it effective until the next filter cleaning.

The entire purpose of the salt solution soaking is to activate the ammonia scavenging properties of Zeo sand, has nothing to do with water filtration of particles.


Below is a link on this site for some night reading regarding Zeo sand:
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Zeo sand cleaning

Postby Charlie_009 » Sun 12 Jan, 2014 23:37

Nice post!
electratech granny

Re: Zeo sand cleaning

Postby electratech granny » Fri 10 Jun, 2016 12:44

Can someone tell me how many seasons the zeosand is good for? I have regenerated with cleaner a couple times already.
Just wondering if I HAVE to replace the zeosand at some point. Pool was not as sparkling last season as in previous seasons.

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