BaquaPure Sand Filter

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BaquaPure Sand Filter

Postby Duggers » Thu 22 May, 2008 13:24

We've had our pool for about 4 years now. We bought from RecWarehouse and it's great, but we're on our 2nd Filter and about to go to our 3rd! I'm not sure if they're just a poor design or we keep getting "lemons". Had to replace it in 2006 and now it's blown out again. The plastic just pops a hole (if that makes any sense). I was wondering if anyone else has had problems with these filters?[/quote]


BaquaPure Filter - crack in tank

Postby grace » Fri 30 May, 2008 13:04

I have a BaquaPure filter and I had to replace the pump last year and now I have a crack in the tank this year. When you bought you filter, how long was your warranty?


BaquaPure Sand Filter

Postby Guest » Wed 08 Jul, 2009 18:00

I too have a Baquapure sand filter, and lost my pump motor. It was due to dirt inside the motor, the plastic base is inadequate protection for splashing of dirt during rain storms, etc. Poured a small concrete slab for filter, and had the motor rebuilt.
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I'm new here
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BaquaPure Sand Filter

Postby victor678 » Fri 13 Nov, 2009 18:56

There are other sand filters options available like
Waterco Micron sand filters
Onga Pantera sand filters

you can also try them.

BaquaPure Sand Filter

Postby candye » Sat 13 Mar, 2010 17:23

I purchased my pool from Rec Warehouse 4 years ago. I have gone through 3 of the baqua pure (big blue ball) sand filters and now I'm on the 4th (this one is grey). It seems to crack around the neck in a straight up and down line. Rec Warehouse made me purchase the 2nd one because the crack was not on a seam, but it was in a place that nothing could have caused it to crack. It happens on the back side, which is facing the pool and under my pool deck, on a wooden platform. the 3rd time and the 4th Rec Warehouse just swapped them out. I think it's a problem w/ the filter.

This year I have to replace my baqua pure pump. It has totally rusted from the inside out and the base completely rusted off.

Do any of you know a different pump that is interchangeable w/ this type of filter?

BaquaPure Sand Filter

Postby yardman32317 » Tue 03 May, 2011 13:17

I've replaced two of the blue sand filters. RW finally went out of business here in Tallahassee. When this filter fails I'll go to Pinch a Penny where they stand behind their products.

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