Pool Heater Hose installation and connection

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Pool Heater Hose installation and connection

Postby smithsh » Thu 22 May, 2008 22:22

I am overwhelmed. I had a contractor come and dig a trench for my gas line but did not hook up my heater which I did not understand because he was a plumber. However I had to get another contractor who installed my deck around my above ground pool but when he connected the hose for my pool, filter and heater connection it left me filling my pool up twice because the hose came loose from the pump and filter connection. I guess you would say it's easy because all I have to do is get a new hose like the one that originally came with my pool. But this contractor went to Home Depot to get this hose and even though it passed inspection I am losing water because the hose connection will not stay connected with the clamp. My problem gets worst... this contractor hooked this hose connection to my heater with prozxy that will not come off. I need to find(2) 12' to 16' foot hoses just like the one that came with my pool and I need to find a way to get that proxy off of the PVC on my heater so I at least remove the hose in the winter months. Can you help" This is a long message but I am desparate. :roll:



Postby Oingo » Fri 23 May, 2008 09:00

Try these two companies SAVKO dot com or FLEXPVC dot com I hope this helps

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