Causes and cures for cloudy swimming pool water.
Milky pool water, white, pink, brown, purple, black cloudy water.
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Postby Atlanta Club Pools » Thu 17 Jun, 2010 15:09

It is likely that you need to replace your filter media. It sounds like the filters are not able to clean the water.



Postby Easyeddie12 » Sat 03 Jul, 2010 15:00

Where do you post a problem for help?????

[email protected]


Postby MaryLou45 » Fri 03 Jun, 2011 04:12

You must not being doing something right!
When you vacuum after waiting the 24-48 hrs, you MUST vacuum to waste. If you do not use this setting then you will be fighting a loosing battle.
Refer to your pump manual on how to use
This setting. You must also make sure when using this setting that you add water since you will loosing slot during the waste vaccum,,,


Postby binary221 » Fri 03 Jun, 2011 09:28

after all you have done I think the short and simple way as i do myself is to save time and money and grab a sample of your pool water and go to your local pool dealer and have the water tested most will do it free of charge or for a very minimal price cheaper than playing trial and error with those over priced pool chemicals. you will get a printout of your pools levels and they will tell you exactally what you need to fix the problem and how much to use. I thank God every summer for the pool experts at olivers pools in suffolk, Virginia.
I hope this helps. :D


Postby temptingstory » Mon 13 Jun, 2011 09:41

I'm having the same issues and still trying to clear it up. Floc does NOT work and do not keep backwashing. And if you do vacuum, be sure to vacuum to waste. My water is the same way and I'm working with my pool store to clear it up. They told me I'm vacuuming and backwashing too's hard on your filter. I'll let you know if mine clears up soon. But do not use that FLOC stuff, it's not good and hard on your pump and filter.
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I'm new here
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Postby pizzalisa » Thu 16 Jun, 2011 06:41

Did you get your issue resolved ?
I am with you about not wanting to add more clarifier.
I only ever use liquid chlorine and have pucks in my skimmer.
My pool was a dark swampy green upon opening, like always I added 2 jugs of chlorine, and 2 pucks, and the water turned blue but cloudy. I listened to the pool supply people and added clarifier- it is still cloudy.
Do I leave my pump on continually ? Do I shut it off to let the stuff settle for vacuuming ? Do I use my sock in the skimmer to catch the particles or should I let them go to the sand filter and not put the sock in ?
HELP !!!
I also do not want to add more clarifier as suggested, I share your feelings !
Please help !


Postby Guest » Thu 16 Jun, 2011 22:21

I have used flock several times, and sometimes you need to just relax and let it work, follow the initial directions and if necessary repeat. if it still doesn't work, check with your local pool specialist!
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I'm new here
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Postby pace_stang » Fri 17 Jun, 2011 16:31

I'm in the same boat as the rest, water tests good, cloudy, etc... The pool place says it's dead algae and needs to be removed, got the sock (today) and supposed to vacuum, etc etc...

Anyone with any suggestions? I've been at this for 10 days now, shocked, chlorine, stabilizer, and clarifier since then... Live in Florida so not sure on the water.

Thanks in advance.
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Postby chem geek » Sat 18 Jun, 2011 01:23

Sounds like your filtration system isn't very good. If it's a sand filter you could consider Adding DE to a Sand Filter to improve filtration. It's also possible your CYA is very high so the chlorine isn't able to oxidize the organics fast enough. You should get a good test kit if you don't have one already -- either the Taylor K-2006 or the TFTestkits TF-100. Read the other articles in the Pool School such as how to Shock Your Pool.
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Postby frustratedinNC » Tue 21 Jun, 2011 20:53

Oh my gosh! This forum is my saving grace! I have been trying to fix my dad's pool for a week and I'm so aggravated it's not even funny!! I finally got the green algae/mustard algae killed and vacuumed. I got the pH and chlorine levels to where they need to be. And the water is still blue and cloudy!!! I want to add more clarifier, but I don't know if that's dangerous. I want to shock it more, but that's getting expensive as heck. I have read that bleach works.....Can anyone tell me about doing that???? I'm so desperate, but thankful that there are more people out there with this problem. I'm grateful for any help. (Please don't tell me to use FLOC...I've heard way too many horror stories...and not just from this forum.)

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