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Postby robinls » Wed 28 Jun, 2006 06:54

Hi every-one i like alot of you have a pool with cloudy water we have a family get togather the 4th of july and iam desprete to get it looking nice i have read so many things on here it can get confusing. from what i have read iam thinking i should put 4 gallons of shock a gallon of algicide and a bottle of clarifier in it does that sound right? and do i shut off the filter after doing this? any help would be appreciated.........NEEDS HELP IN INDIANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Postby Guest » Wed 28 Jun, 2006 23:30

Hi Robin, I am having troubles with mine again, my CHlorine is 4, Ph is 7.4 and my TA is 110, but my water is cloudy... I am headed to the pool store in the morning to get some SUPER FLOC, I will then shock, then Super Floc, run the pump for four hours, turn it off overnight, then vacuum to waste... we'll see!!! I will update on Friday!
pooly frustrated

cloudy blue water

Postby pooly frustrated » Thu 29 Jun, 2006 21:44

Hi all! I am having the same problem with my water. However, I use Baquacil products. This is my third year having a pool and have not ever had this much trouble. I have done everything my dealer has suggested. All my chemicals are within range. Today my calcium and alkalinity was low.
My water is a beautiful blue cloudy color. I have a 28 round pool (17,205g); I can see the second step on my ladder, but it gets cloudy the further I go down and can not see the bottom at all. :roll: When I vaccume the bottom: I see lots of white particles floating around (they are small enough to escape my skimmer basket and go back in my pool in the return jet). I have tried everything: thankfuly my pool dealer is nice and has provided the chemicals that I have tried so far. They do not think it is a water mold because my shock levels are holding up. There is no sheets of slime on my pool either. However, sometimes on the water in my skimmer basket there is a slime like coating (I thought this may be just pollen from our trees :? ) Could I have a water mold problem?
I have Flocked 3 times; tried the scale treatment; etc.
I would be most grateful for any suggestions. I have been at this problem since June 1 :x

Isn't it driving us CRAZY

Postby RobinLS » Fri 30 Jun, 2006 07:46

:? Hi all i wish i could say we have had luck i also can see the 2nd step and than it is cloudy ours is 28 too. And today iam going to shock it again and add algicide and a clarifier i hope it helps iam confused on should i turn my filter off after i shock it to let anything settle but we have vacummed it so many times and like you said it is a really pretty blue just not clear i wish you guys luck and if i find out anything or some tip or answer i will post and you do the same if we all don't go CRAZY first HAHAHA..........Robin


Postby RobinLs » Fri 30 Jun, 2006 07:48

Hi Pool user just wanted to see what luck you were having kinda waiting to see what happen with yours :lol:
pooly frustrated

cloudy water

Postby pooly frustrated » Fri 30 Jun, 2006 22:57

Went back to our dealer today and they are so dumbfounded about our water that they have called teh main Baquacil company (they too are dumbfounded).
So the last and final step that we can:
Keep in mind that my pool is 28 round and holds 17,205 gallons and I use Baquacil chemicals

1. Add 4lbs of water clarifier to skimmer while filter is running (slowly). Water may turn green or black here. Dont panic, the shock will take care of this problem

2. Start ading Flocculant 1/2 bottle at a time: pour this slowly through skimmer. Watch your pressure on your gague. When the pressure rises about 8 above your inital reading it is time to backwash. (If your filter pressure is reading 2 you dont backwash until 10) :wink: Also collect any debris that you can see on the surface. Do anything you can to get the gunk out

3. Repeat step 2 until water is clear ( our pool dealer has given me three bottles of the stuff and told me to go at it till it clears up)

4. Change or clean sand (if you clean it, it will have to set overnight not running)

5 Add 4 gallons of shock treatment to pool

6 Collect any debris etc. backwash when pressure rises etc.

7 Top up with sanitizer levels

Good luck. I will let you know if it works. (That is if I take time out my never ending swimming when it clears up :D )
Pooly Frustrated

Cloudy water

Postby Pooly Frustrated » Sun 02 Jul, 2006 09:17

I have made it to the cleaning my sand step. The water appears to be a little more clear. (Not to big of a difference :roll: )
I am hoping that the shock treatment will be the big difference in my water. Oh well, after using 6 bottles of Flocculant and tons more chemicals I may just close down my pool for this season.
I am so frustrated. Let me know if any of you find the magic solution :wink:

Cloudy blue Water

Postby Guest » Sun 02 Jul, 2006 13:57

Check your internal piping and laterals in the sand filter. had this problem this year when I opeded up the pool. Tried everything for over a month. Finally decided to open up the sand filter and discovered that the piping and laterals were cracked. We couldn't see anything from about the mid-thigh down. It was awful. I got frustrated and emtied the entire pool. I found sand everywhere and because I continued to vacuum it just continued to move the sand around and the sand never settled. I rented a sump pump from Home depot fro 28.00 for 4 hours, the pool was emty in about an hour and a half.
I bought a new pipe and laterals from International Pools and now the pool is as clear as glass.
I thought it was never going to be clear again.
Good Luck
pooly frustrated

cloudy water

Postby pooly frustrated » Sun 02 Jul, 2006 16:48

Hmmmm....Never thought about checking my filter! Will let you know what happens. I would just be happy to find the problem with my pool so I can fix it. Thanks for the advice :)
pooly frustrated

cloudy water

Postby pooly frustrated » Mon 03 Jul, 2006 14:44

Done all the above steps and still cloudy water. :evil:
I am going to switch to chlorine and write Baquacil the worst letter ever!
Good luck guys.
pooly frustrated

cloudy water

Postby pooly frustrated » Mon 03 Jul, 2006 14:45

And oh yeah, checked sand filter and it looked ok.

Postby Guest » Tue 04 Jul, 2006 07:26

I had all the same problems and still had cloudy water. STOP all the treatments and turn down the chlorine which is probably causing the cloud.In the panic trying to clear the pool, we run the filter non-stop which in turn adds way too much chlorine(chlorinator)which causes the cloud. I vacumn every morning and backwash till clear. Yesterday I turned the chlorinator down to almost off and this morning I could see the bottom. Now I'm gonna leave it off for the day and let the sun do a job on the chlorine and I'll bet money that she'll clear up. Too much chemicals fattens up the cash register and clouds up your pool.

Postby Guest » Wed 05 Jul, 2006 08:55

not crystal clear yet but clear enough. Cutting back on chlorine worked.

Postby Guest » Wed 05 Jul, 2006 20:46

it's crystal clear now.
I'm new here
I'm new here
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hope this helps.

Postby ken101 » Sun 09 Jul, 2006 15:30

Floc might work one year and not the next. It's a hit and miss thing. After 5 years of hit and miss I found the best thing that works great. go to intheswim - it's called Miraclear. it's a gel shell just put it in a skimmer basket run pump. And it'll clear up cloudy water. You may have to use more then one. but it works great watch your pump you'll need to backwash a little more often then normal. my local pool company sells them and quite carrying floc.

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