Low flow from filter

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Low flow from filter

Postby tnmynatt » Fri 23 May, 2008 17:27

We started the filter up yesterday and it was running fine. Today the flow had gone way down, the pressure was very low and the skimmers were not sucking well. We took some of the piping apart looking for an obstruction. However, the water poured out of both pieces of pipe from both the pool end and the pump end. It seems like maybe we have a sand problem. Is that possible? What other possible reasons could there be for the low pressure? The pump motor seems to be running smoothly and similar to last year. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Postby Guest » Fri 23 May, 2008 18:54

When you say the pressure was low, does this mean the pressure on the gauge on the filter dropped from where it started?

If that is the case it means there is a blockage of some kind on the suction side. It can be as simple as debris in the pump basket or even the skimmer basket.

Postby Guest » Fri 23 May, 2008 22:21

Really the pressure was showing as zero. We have already taken the piping apart from the pool to the pump and the skimmer basket is empty. There were no blockages found and the water just poured out from both ways when we took the pipe apart. I'm thinking the filter sand is so dirty that the filter is not working properly. What do you think? Your help is greatly appreciated.

Postby tnmynatt » Fri 23 May, 2008 22:25

Should have mentioned that we already checked the pump basket/skimmer basket. They are empty. The previous post is mine, too. Forgot to put the username. Thanks for your help.

Postby Guest » Sat 24 May, 2008 03:20

If the pressure gauge is working, it will go up when the filter gets dirty. It will go down if the water flow is slowed on the suction side by anything from the skimmer up to the pump.

I would clean the filter and then check the flow. If it improves then that was the problem and the pressure gauge probably isn't working.

Postby tnmynatt » Sun 25 May, 2008 08:29

Finally found the problem. The skimmer basket had a clog at the outflow going to the filter. Didn't even know that could happen or that there was another screen at that point. Thanks so much for your help. It saved us from doing the wrong things and wasting time and money. Take care.

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