chlorine breakpoint

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chlorine breakpoint

Postby janjon » Sat 24 May, 2008 09:17

Sorry if this has been discussed before, but I am not finding an answer

My PH and Alkalinity is reading perfect, but my chlorine levels are
total chlorine 8.5
free chlorine 8.5

I found some analysis' from last year and had the exact same problem. I've done some research on the net and have come to the conclusion all the chemicals I've been putting in (last summer) is just a band-aid.

I found this on the net about Chloramines-combine chlorine without the knowledge of chloramines & chlorine demand, consumers may not receive the help they need. ...when a chlorine demand brtest is performed, it is often necessary that a dose of 10, 20 or more times of chlorine shock is needed to reach the breakpoint chlorination. that means potentially adding 40, 50 or more pounds of shock (in the form of cal hypo) at one time.. if you try spreading it out over a few hours, you have defeated the cure and unwittingly added to the problem

now I am so confused my head hurts. :? the pool place told me to turn off the chlorinator, but now I think that was incorrect information. My 15,000 gal pool is a bit hazy and throws off that chlorine smell...
I tried cleaning my filter with strip kwik and kleen it, but really no difference... other than I have a clean filter. :lol: this is my 3rd season with my pool. the first year, I had no problems ... at all.
Should I try chemout?

any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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