Tiger Shark QC vs Dolphin Diagnostic vs Aquabot Turbo

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What is best robotic cleaner for D.E. filter?

Postby Guest » Wed 03 Jun, 2009 00:05

Hello. what is the best robotic lceaner for inground 18 x 36? I had the Dolphin which lasted 5 seasons (midwest), but after reading all the posts, I am now inclined to use Aquabot instead (v. Tiger Shark-- which someone says is bad for D.E. filter).

Any adivce is greatly appreciated!


Tiger Shark QC vs Dolphin Diagnostic vs Aquabot Turbo

Postby Guest » Wed 24 Jun, 2009 20:57

I had an aquabot turbo and was impressed, but I want a radio remote so I upgraded to the Dophin with radio remote, what a piece of junk, the cord tangels which was never a problem on the aquabot, it does not climb walls well, and has no power. I still use my old aquabot and have sidelined the overprice piece of junk.


Tiger Shark QC vs Dolphin Diagnostic vs Aquabot Turbo

Postby radworkers » Sun 13 Sep, 2009 15:08

Two years ago I bought an Aquabot Turbo T4 (comes with a remote for a few hundred extra bucks) to use in my in ground indoor pool. The remote is a waste of money. It otherwise has worked fine, but plan on having to install a few hundred dollars in belts and scrubbers every year. Also, you can't program it to clean each day - you have to manually turn off the machine, turn it on, push the reset button and punch in the number of hours you want it to clean each and every time you want it to clean. Given other peoples bad experiences with the other products, I believe this is probably still the best to buy, as I now need a new one…

Unfortunately, the T4 now only cleans a small 3-foot circle at the bottom f the pool on account of one of 2 motors on the thing being burned out. I contacted the seller over a week ago asking to get the pro-rated warranty honored on the purchase of a new one - I am still waiting for a reply. I really like the idea of getting it from Hammacher.com given the lifetime unconditional guaranty from a reputable retailer, but the price is $700 more than what it is sold for on ebay, and the ebay sellers seem to be offering even lower prices, claiming that they are being discontinued...
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I'm new here
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Tiger Shark QC vs Dolphin Diagnostic vs Aquabot Turbo

Postby annieK » Tue 23 Nov, 2010 23:03

My first cleaner was a dolphin. It broke after a year. So I'm not advising you to buy one. I've been using my aquabot turbo for 3 years now. It never broke nor caused me any troubles. I haven't tried using tiger shark. I'm already satisfied with my aquabot turbo.

Pool cleaners - pool robots

Postby Guest » Wed 16 Mar, 2011 10:44

Korey wrote:Tiger Shark QC - has a choice of quick cleaning or heavy cleaning cycle. 5 micron filtration. Comes with a 3 year unconditional warranty.
Dolphin Diagnostic - poorest filtration of up to 20 microns.
Aquabot Turbo - filters down to 2 microns. Great track record.

Chemical advice - what specifically?
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I'm new here
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Tiger Shark QC vs Dolphin Diagnostic vs Aquabot Turbo

Postby goldsternp » Mon 05 Dec, 2011 00:43

Over five years I have suffered with Hayward Tigersharks and Dolphin Diagnostics. I have no intention of buying either one again.

Both have problems with the tracks eventually stretching and jumping off the wheels. To change the tracks at least twice a year requires splitting the case.

The Tigershark has paper filters that require frequent replacing and the diagnostic has a bag which is awkward to deal with and has a tight weave restricting water flow/suction. Both units have all the complex logic in the robot and a single o ring around the drive shaft that leaks after a year and there goes the expensive motor for $400.

The Diagnostic arrived with a defective motor assembly and defective remote control. With lots of arguing both were eventually replaced. The Dolphin remote control is not exactly intuitive to use.

I have now purchased a Smartpool Direct Command Robot and so far I am impressed:

1. It is light.

2. The filter bag is easy to service.

3. The tracks can be changed if needed without disassembling the unit.

4. The logic appears to be in the Power Supply and the robot motor looks like a nice and robust unit similar to one that I have in an Aquabroducts Junior that I use to clean my rainwater tanks. That unit is similar to Aquabot using a jet for drive power and it has run without a problem for 3 years now.

5. I have the impression that owner maintenance is encouraged while Hayward and Dolphin treat me like an idiot ( I have retired as a corporate pilot with FAA Aircraft Maintenance and Inspection licenses and never had an aircraft I serviced fail but I guess that still doesn't qualify me to service a pool robot according to Hayward and Dolphin).

6. The Remote Control works the way one would expect it to work and confirms commands with a beep.

I decided against the Aquabot as I thought it was a bit pricey considering the simple drive system and also I was concerend that the water jet propulsion would be inadequate on the sloping sides of my TPO liner pool which is 50' x 15'.

Bottom line is stay away from Hayward and Dolphin products until they improve their units and lower their prices.

That's my opinion. I am willing to identify myself so here's my email if anyone wants to contact me,


Tiger Shark QC vs Dolphin Diagnostic vs Aquabot Turbo

Postby John75 » Sat 10 Mar, 2012 19:30

Hi Ron! Have you checked this guide to swimming pool covers at http://www.indoorpoolguide.com/pool-covers

Tiger Shark QC vs Dolphin Diagnostic vs Aquabot Turbo

Postby Gemnobay » Mon 26 Nov, 2012 02:13

If any robotic pool cleaner filtered down to 2 micron the thing would block up in 2 seconds! DE Filters only filter to 2.5 micron! It is simply misleading advertising from Hayward and Aquabot. If it were true then wouldnt a pool filter come out using that material????

Dolphin Diagnostic

Postby Kate » Mon 26 Nov, 2012 02:37

I totally disagree. I have a Dolphin and have absolutely no problems at all with cable tangles. Their machines are the only ones on the market with a cable swivel to prevent this from happening. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ucIgRAUQmX8

Re: Tiger Shark QC vs Dolphin Diagnostic vs Aquabot Turbo

Postby Ted » Sun 24 Apr, 2016 15:08

Aquabot T2 sucks. I am sick of untangling the cord. I am leaning toward Dolphin Nautilus Plus after reading reviews.

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