hayward filter leaking out backwash line

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hayward filter leaking out backwash line

Postby Lemm » Sun 25 May, 2008 08:15

Hi I would appreciate some help. Ihave a hayward 210t sand filter and I just replaced the sand in it. I followed the instructions and everything went well. except there was a leak from the gasket but I fixed that.

The problem i am having is that there is a fair amount of water coming out from the backwash/waste line and I also noticed that when the valve is on backwash there is water coming out of the line going back to the pool.

Ihave had this problem before but I fixed it. I am not sure what I did though. I have tried putting the valve to waste and back wash and filter and back put the problem persists. The reason I think it is not due to a faulty valve is that this just started again after I added the new sand. Could sand/debris have got into the valve? Is there a way to clear it without taking the valve apart?



hayward filter leaking out backwash line

Postby stickywire » Fri 03 Jun, 2011 11:06

Sorry the bump this thread from years ago. I'm have the exact same issue, did you manage to find out how it is fixed?

hayward filter leaking out backwash line

Postby irishsph » Sat 04 Jun, 2011 11:54

I have the same issue!

hayward filter leaking out backwash line

Postby Guest » Sat 04 Jun, 2011 17:21

The spider gasket is worn or is not seating firmly on the pressure plate.
You could try adding a shutoff valve on the backwash line so you don't lose water. There will still be some unfiltered water recirculating because of the gasket issue but the effects are usually extremely minimal.

hayward filter leaking out backwash line

Postby stickywire » Wed 08 Jun, 2011 10:19

I managed to fix it 2 days ago, though it was not pretty.

I took the spider gasket out (it's slightly worn on some part), thoroughly cleaned it and the plate that it's sitting on. Then put some Permatex #2 (soft sealant that won't harden) and put that on the grooves of the plate that the spider gaskets sits on and put everything back on, it hasn't leaked at all for 2 days already with the pump running :D

Mind you, those #2 sealant is messy, you'll need gloves, mask and lots of paper towel, but it's fixed.

Thanks to the idea I got from this forum and others.

hayward filter leaking out backwash line

Postby booger » Thu 09 Jun, 2011 16:43

buy a new spider gasket and replace it as it is cheap and not hard to replace it. Remove screws take off top of multiport valve lift out spider gasket put in new one put on top of multiport valve put in screws............SIMPLE!!!

hayward filter leaking out backwash line

Postby chrismarshall90 » Fri 05 Jul, 2013 05:07

sorry for the bump again.... but i have the same problem.

BUT... ive replaced the multi port valve with a brand new item and also replaced the spider gasket with a brand new item and still have water leaking out of the drain when the valve is set on filter?

Any help much appreciated.

hayward filter leaking out backwash line

Postby jvalliquette » Thu 15 May, 2014 14:44

I have the same issue, except my hayward sand filter is BRAND NEW. Just out of box. Can anyone suggest why the waste line leaks when system is off and also when on circulate (filter)
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hayward filter leaking out backwash line

Postby CGPoolman » Sat 17 May, 2014 17:37


Obviously a brand new valve shouldn't leak so there has to be something wrong. Start with the most obvious - check the plumbing and make sure it is installed correctly. Return line in the return port, etc. The ports on the valve should be marked as return, pump, and backwash. If that checks out you probably have an issue inside the filter valve. With the system turned off, remove the valve cover and check the gasket inside. It may be pinched or not seated properly. Make sure it is lubricated and seated firmly into the grooves. If that checks out, make sure the lid is screwed down good and secure when you put it back on. Lastly, check that glass on the backwash line and make sure that is screwed in all the way. If you do all this and it still leaks - take it back for a replacement.


Re: hayward filter leaking out backwash line

Postby Baischillin » Tue 12 Jul, 2016 07:47

I've noticed when they leak when new it's just a case of the gasket needing to be wet under no pressure. Once you're running with a full filter and full head of pressure shut your pump down. Then, starting at filter, move your multiport to each position one at a time until you have rotated to each position and back to filter. Then, on filter, spin the multiport around 360 back to filter WITHOUT stopping at each position. Fire it up, should stop leaking. If not, try this once or twice more, should eventually stop leaking.

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