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Frustrated Mom

cloudy pool

Postby Frustrated Mom » Sun 25 May, 2008 11:05

We had to put a new liner in our pool this year. We fillled the pool up to the point of the skimmer basket and return, then it was about a week before we got totally finished and filled it the rest of the way up. We put the normal required shock and chlorine tablet in and the pool is now cloudy. It is not green but you can't see the bottom. I have the Cl Br, pH test tube that you put the drops in and the Cl Br is not even yellow and the pH is at 7.8 . How do I fix this?????


Postby Guest » Mon 26 May, 2008 00:08

Do you know your level of CYA (stabilizer) in the pool?

Without knowing pool size and the chemical balance of your pool I can't give you numbers of what to add.

In general, you want to run the filter. Keep chlorine level high and pH in line.

If you're able to fully test or get your water tested at a pool store, then I can give better advice.

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