low flow from pool filter

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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low flow from pool filter

Postby kristy » Sun 25 May, 2008 11:23

I have an 18x36 irregular coffin shaped inground pool w/vinyl liner. I had the skimmer lines replaced last year. I just opened it yesterday, unplugged everything, primed the lines, but I am getting little to no flow throu the system, and I don't want the filter to burn out. I changed the gasket on the filter, and I cheked to see if there was anything stuck on the impeller, but none of that worked. There is a little suction on the line closest to the filter, but none on the far line. What can I do? Do I need to have the lines replaced again, or did I miss something. Please help.


Postby Guest » Sun 25 May, 2008 23:58

I'm guessing when you say filter you mean pump. The pump is the piece of equipment with the motor attached.

Are there valves on the suction line in front of the pump?
Are you seeing water in the pump (if the lid is clear)?
Do you have a gauge on the filter? Are you getting a reading?

If you have pictures of your setup, post them. That would make it easier to help.

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