Changing Sand In A Baqua Pure Pool Filter

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Changing Sand In A Baqua Pure Pool Filter

Postby lageren » Sun 25 May, 2008 18:24

How do you change the sand in a Baqua pure pool filter? The owners manual on the web does not indicate how to do this.

Some Please Help!


changing sand in baquapure filter

Postby carolinablonde » Wed 28 May, 2008 10:19

I own the same blue ball....paid to have a pool company come out last year to change the sand, it looked pretty simple. The man gave me written directions if I need to do it again on my own (which he says I can), and here they are: You need to know how much sand your filter will need (it should say right on the blue ball). Shut off water supply from the suction side (blue valve?). Position the multiport valve in "closed" position. Use the dome wrench that came with your filter to remove the multi port assembly off the top of the filter (blue ball). Remove the filter drain plug located at bottom of filter and let the water drain out. Do not rotate ball on its side to dump sand, instead take a garden hose and place it inside the filter from the top, to wash out remaining sand/water. Alternatively you can use a wet/dry vac to suck the water/sand out. Once the filter is clean, unscrew the laterals (multiple fingers or tubes at bottom of filter), very carefully, as these are plastic parts and can break. Inspect them for cracks and debris. Rescrew them back in carefully with the slits facing downward. Replace the drain plug. Fill filter ball back up 1/2 way full with water before adding new sand. Put some tape over opening at top of center stem, to prevent sand from pouring through stem (this is the straight piece of pipe in the filter that the laterals were screwed into). There may have been a round centering device with some holes around it that came with your pool at installation. This will help keep that stem centered as you pour in sand, as well as keep the hole covered to keep sand out of it. Slowly pour sand into the filter tank. Assemble the filter back together. Turn the water shut off valve back on (blue valve). Place multiport valve in backwash position, backwash and rinse filter twice to remove excess sand. I have not actually done this myself, but will be within the next week, as I convert from Baquacil to chlorine, and this must be done as part of that process. Good luck

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