Pool Plugs Left in after Opening - Damaged Pump/DE Filte?

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Pool Plugs Left in after Opening - Damaged Pump/DE Filte?

Postby buddy26 » Mon 26 May, 2008 08:59

The pool technician that opened our pool about 4 weeks ago forgot to remove at least one of our two return plugs. Our pool was not clearing up and about 2 weeks after the opening we discovered the plug place and removed it. Yesterday we found the other one on the bottom of our pool so we are afraid the other one was also left in and blew out on it's own. We are afraid this has damaged our pool filter because our will not clear up and DE Powder is returning into our pool. Does anyone know if this could have damaged my pool pump and/or DE filter?

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