pool is totally green!!

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pool is totally green!!

Postby crazbeautxox » Mon 26 May, 2008 11:24

ok so we rented our house out to someone last year but they didn't do anything with the pool which makes it really frustrating on us!! So now we have this greenish brown color with our pool. We tried 2 years ago to get rid of the green but it wouldn't go away we don't have anything like metal or anything in the pool and its good as can be. The pool people went to couldn't find anything wrong with it. So then now we have the same problem this year!!! Where we are not sure we can rid of this green stuff in our pool. I think our pool is 35,000 gallons. Its a huge pool thats the only was to describe it and its above ground. Now we have tried shock before and it does ok but not totally clear. So then I wanted to know if I can use household clorox. like just the regular stuff to make our pool clear? See we have tried to use many differnt chemicals and nothing is working and we are just getting totally frustrated on this because we want a clear pool we have never had one since we have had this stupid thing and we are about to take it down if we can find something right to do with it? So I was wondering what can I do to make this clear and fast!!

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Postby muss08 » Tue 27 May, 2008 19:27

First you need to get yourself a good test kit. I use the Taylor K 2006 and it is very accurate and reliable. It can test FC up to 50ppm. To get your pool right I need to know your current chemistry readings. Most importantly for the moment- FC, pH, and CYA. You need to bring your pool to shock level and keep it there until the water clears. You need to vacuum often and brush daily. I cant tell you what your shock level is though until I know your CYA and you need to get your pH to 7.2 so the chlorine is most effective. Yes you can use regular unscented 6% clorox or any off brand as long it is regular unscented 6%. Get me your test results and we'll get your pool turned around.
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